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Senin, 16 Juni 2008

Luna Maya Beauty Actris

The matter of the fluctuation froze, the nervous matter not necessarily. When the smooth exercise, like that syuting opposite dozens of people, Luna then direct deg-degan. "I must drink beer to calm, because I was really tense."

Because to begin the courage, I must break through my conscience, said Luna to detikhot when being met in Bandung Indah Plaza, on Saturday (18/3/2007) the night. The Luna action could be as the striptease dancer enjoyed from March 22 2007 in the cinema. Apart from Luna Maya, 'Jakarta Undercover was' also' starred in by Lukman Sardi and Fachry Albar.

Because of that when must play an eroticism dancer Luna then felt necessary special preparations. Apart from observation, the woman who was made an issue of close to Ariel 'Peterpan' same increased the portion of his exercise.

The part that was enough to be difficult definitely when he must melakoni the striptease dance. As the person that not the champion wobbled, Luna admitted to having the special difficulty of following the rhythm of the song.

Danced the striptease in front of dozens of people made Luna Maya deg-degan. But after swallowed a tin of beer, Luna then relaxed and was ready to wobble.

he role of the striptease dancer indeed the new challenge for Luna.In films beforehand, '30 Mencari Cinta days', 'Cinta Silver', 'Ruang', and the 'Message from' Luna 'Heaven' only be alloted played normal girls.

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