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Sabtu, 09 Februari 2008

Artis Sexy Agnes Monica

Agnes Monica Muljoto (was born Jakarta, on July 1 1986) was the actress and the Indonesian singer was talented that especially famous because playing in the Dini Marriage film (2001-2003) that was presented in RCTI. Dalam this film he played a youth girl who still was sitting in the SMU bench and was pregnant and unmarried. Moreover he himself that sang the theme song of the Dini Marriage.

Her success blessing of Agnes was on the rise and became one of the artists who was counted on and won various appreciations of his acting blessing. With the success in the film, Agnes that this former small singer also often filled soundtrack his film and finally released his first mature album of And the story goes.... Her album was successful and threw his name in the Indonesian depths of the entertainment industry.

On December 10 2005, Agnes launched the Whaddup A album. With single first be entitled "Bukan Milikmu Lagi". To his album that was newest this, Agnes raked in Keith Martin (the singer from the United States that now has a career in the Philippines that were popular in Indonesia with his song that was entitled "Because of you") to perform a duet and create the song for Agnes in English with the title of "I apostr ll Light a Candle".

Agnes resolved Scene serial the drama was entitled The Hospital in Taiwan where Agnes collided acting with Jerry Yan, one of the personnel F4 (now changed the name became JVKV). Agnes also has resolved serial Romance in The White House, where Agnes in serial this played only several episodes then. As for the two serial this was presented in Indosiar. In the local version, the part opening and ending was edited in such a way with inserted scene that involved Agnes. For some fans the Taiwanese drama, this editing it was considered forced.

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