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Senin, 29 Desember 2008

Beauty Julie Estelle

Estelle ulie have completed a horror movie trilogy 'Kuntilanak'. In syuting sekuel last film, the younger brother VJ Cathy had to take pictures in the mountains that are very cold. "Syutingnya in the mountains in the area of Bandung, is the cold, up-to-use swetear, gloves and socks aja still cold," the story of Julie found in Belezza, Permata Hijau, West Jakarta, on Wednesday (20/2/2008). But Julie is not lost with the cold temperatures. To overcome this, he was a trick. "Kan around I have cowok-cowok, so heat can be," he said while kidding.

Julie syuting difficulties in the film 'Kuntilanak 3' is located in a location that is less conducive syuting for him. According to him, it was more appropriate in the coastal region. After three bermaiin in a horror movie, Moreno Soeprapto inamorato drivers want to confess that the other film star. According to the plan, April will start later Julie syuting film bergenre the new romantic comedy. Although powerful in the world the big screen, but Julie kekasihnya reluctant to invite menekuni the same field with him.

Despite the Christian, Julie often follow-follow-up fasting because friends are fasting, as well as kekasihnya Moreno Suprapto. Julie ngaku hard-easy menjalaninya difficult. "The fasting is also a weight. The religion I also have fast, but if I have a strong fast-so fast that a month," said Julie found at Tee Box Cafe, Jl. Wijaya, South Jakarta, Thursday (13/9/2007) evening. Julie Moreno full support for the fasting worship. Time with Moreno, Julie automatically follow-up so fast. Stars' Kuntilanak 'is also making a diligent Morena morning for sahur blind.

"Nggak may also eat in front of me. Alingan I took aja open fast with him," Julie demolished Julie Estelle, including one high school student who deg-degan Jelang graduation announcements, Saturday (16/6/2007). Julie was, was because the national examination yesterday he was busy even syuting film teranyarnya 'Forever'. "Surely deg-degan, his name has been tried," he said while in the Venue, Kemang, South Jakarta, Friday (15/6/2007).

Fortunately the national exam to stay a week longer, Julie has a sunday time to learn. But earlier, during the 26 days syuting, it is often less sleep and learning. "Every day syuting until five o'clock the morning, sleep immediately leave the school. That I bener-bener ngedrop up," story. Julie is a student at an international sekola Cipete number in France, it is hoped an examination. According to the plan he will continue studying in schools with Swiss Germany School in Jakarta.

Movie stars' Alexandria 'and' Kuntilanak 'is interested to take a major business hotel. "If we learn in the hospitality and cooking are also service learning," his him.Actress Julie Estelle youth center in the world where hunting. Movie stars' Kuntilanak 'and' Forever 'is not patient want to leave Indonesia. Why?

Julie apparently planning to move abroad for school. Alumnus a French school in the area of South Jakarta is interested in studying in Europe. "If overseas many choices, so good, which would have," he said at the time found detikhot Tea Addict, Jl. Gunawarman, South Jakarta, on Tuesday (31/7/2007) night.

Although the planning study abroad, Julie was still register at local universities. He has a record for himself in the Swiss mahasiwa Germany University, Jakarta.At the university, the younger brother VJ Cathy took business majors who also teaches Chinese language. "I want to be a lot of language," said Julie piawai who speak English, French and Spanish.

Purpose heart want roads, what resources are sick, that's going on Julie Estelle. Actress young sprawling when he was a holiday to Paris, France. Vacation to Paris dilakoni Julie has not been this long. He is in the country with the famous Tower Eiffelnya is about one sunday. In addition to vacation, Julie fly to Paris to visit the family of his father. It is a very long time brother VJ Cathy is not menyambangi them.

"The plan would be a holiday but not because of illness dengue fever," the story of Julie found time premier newest film 'Forever' at MPX Grande, Blok M, South Jakarta, on Tuesday (18/7/2007) night. Fortunately, when the pain, the most dikasihinya, Moreno, in the side. Reno so happens akrabnya greeting is in the middle of England to prepare for the race. "He might be dengue fever because menghayati role," Reno ledek concerning the role of Julie in the so habitue 'Forever'.

Julie Estelle struck down underdog. After bikini photos with kekasihnya Moreno spread, a similar case recurred. This time with the photo bikininya sister Cathy Sharon circulating. Fortunately there is only one kind of photo spread on the internet.

In the photo Julie smth posing with a friend, Cathy, and their. From the image seen as Julie and Cathy middle holiday, while sunbathing on the beach edge. Cathy put on white bikini, while Julie red bikini. Movie stars face 'Kuntilanak' is decorated with black glasses.

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