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Minggu, 27 Januari 2008

Beauty Revalina S Temat

Revalina S Temat (was born in Jakarta, on November 26 1985) was the film player and the Indonesian model. The daughter of the couple Sayuti Temat and Rachmaniar this jumped after starring in the Bawang Putih Shallot film.
The child to 3 from 4 related this began his career as the champion the favourite the Cover of the race of the GIRL's election in 1999, afterwards widened to the model and the film as well as the wide screen film. Several films that had been starred in by him including the Sprinkling (2001), Sangkuriang (2003), Cintaku in the Biru Campus 2 (2003-2004), the Bawang Putih Shallot, Hikmah 2, and the Surga Flower.
During 2006, Reva, was like this his nickname, tried the wide screen by starring in the Pocong film 2. In the Pocong film 2 this, Reva played a role as Maya, the everyday woman met pocong, in fact had the girlfriend pocong.

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